How to Join

Registration will be through the TPB Membership Website

Membership Requirements

  • Valid DOT Accreditation Certificate
  • Certificate of Employment (Permanent and Alternate Representatives)
  • 2×2 Photo (Permanent and Alternate Representatives)

Membership Fee

  •  A membership fee of P10, 000.00 per annum entitles the member to enjoy exclusive benefits. (Membership fee is waived until December 2022 .)
  • Members will also receive a TPB Membership Certificate and decal sticker.

Processing of membership:

  1. Submission of online application form and requirements
  2. Review of application
  3. Issuance of statement of account sent through registered email
  4. Payment of fees (note that application is on a per establishment/ per property basis.)
  5. Letter of acceptance

Duties and responsibilities of members:

TPB Members are expected to:

  1. Create travel products and services that promote inclusive growth and sustainable development;
  2. Attend regular meetings, conferences, and training;
  3. Participate in research activities and provide accurate and reliable data as required by TPB;
  4. Comply with all the rules and regulations promulgated by TPB; and
  5. Act with integrity, fairness, and transparency in all dealings with TPB.

Loss of membership:

  1. Upon cancellation, withdrawal, or revocation of DOT accreditation
  2. Unethical or immoral conduct inimical to the objectives and interests of TPB
  3. Gross violation of duties and responsibilities
  4. Default in payment of fees