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When your stomach is full or has enough food inside, your enzyme has enough time to digest alcohol. On the other hand, if your stomach is empty, alcohol will be less digested, and more will head to your bloodstream, leading to faster alcohol intoxication. High alcohol-content carbonated drinks like beer, champagne, or even rum and Coke may cause your body to absorb alcohol more quickly than non-carbonated drinks. How you can drive after drinking alcohol depends completely on your consumption. If you had one standard drink, your BAC should return to 0 within 1-2 hours. It all depends on the amount of alcohol you consume.

How To Sober Up From Alcohol Fast?

If you are wondering, “how to sober up fast from alcohol?”, the answer is although there are some short-term methods to enhance one’s physical and mental capabilities, it is almost never possible to sober up quickly. The only correct answer on how to sober up quickly from alcohol is to allow enough time to metabolize the alcohol out of your system.

You may have also looked into how to speed the process up. If you drink alcohol and then smoke marijuana, the effects of the marijuana will be delayed. This can lead to a more intense high once the marijuana kicks in, but it can also make it harder to gauge your level of intoxication. Crossfading is often done with alcohol and another drug, such as marijuana. The effects of alcohol and marijuana can differ when taken together.


In a standard alcoholic drink, your liver must break down the alcohol content into three parts . Nothing you can do to speed up the breakdown of alcohol in your blood can do anything about it.

how to sober up from alcohol

Doing so would greatly increase the medical risks. Facts About Alcohol Overdose .” We have strict sourcing guidelines and only link to reputable media sites, academic research institutions and, whenever possible, medically peer reviewed studies. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to sobriety.

Truly Alcohol Content – How Much Alcohol Is In Truly?

Try drinking a glass of water, soda, or juice between alcoholic beverages. Spacing out your drinks allows your liver time to break down the alcohol. There is nothing you can do to make yourself more comfortable when drunk. If you wait until you have had enough time to digest the alcohol in your bloodstream, it will not lower the concentration of alcohol in your blood. In the long run, avoiding excessive drinking is as simple as taking a few precautions. Within 24 hours, hangovers usually go away on their own. The liver breaks down alcohol in the blood as soon as it enters the body.

How to sober up quickly?

What’s the fastest way to sober up quickly? The smartest way of course is to manage your intake and avoid drinking more than your body can metabolize. So how to get sober fast? Next, water down your alcohol and dilute its impact. Drinking on an empty stomach is a virtual guarantee you will get inebriated quickly. That’s why eating can slow down alcohol’s absorption process into the bloodstream and help you keep better control.

Take caution, heavy drinking over a long period of time can lead to severe negative health problems like wet brain. Are you still wondering, sober house in 30 minutes or less?